mta Teleprompting

Cuescript On Camera Setup

Cuescript On Camera Setup

MTA is Australia’s leading teleprompting service provider. Our equipment is used in all scenarios, in both corporate and TV broadcast environments. We provide services for AGMs, Conferences, Awards Shows, TV Broadcast Studios, Outdoor Broadcasts and Concerts.

MTA was the first company to offer teleprompting equipment to Australian TV broadcasters in 1979, and over the past 38 years, we have accumulated all the experience needed to ensure those speaking at your event deliver a pitch-perfect presentation. Our equipment and service is the best going around Australia.

All of our operators at MTA Prompting are the best in the business. They have been extensively trained and are thoroughly experienced having worked on every job imaginable 

  • Corporate Events,
  • Annual General Meetings,
  • Live Television,
  • Television commercials,
  • Studio shoots,
  • Corporate videos,
  • Live concerts,
  • Outside broadcasts

Our operators will arrive on-site fully self-contained, set-up the prompting equipment, enter, edit and format the script as requested and deliver a smooth prompting experience.

Murray Tregonning & Associates have been active in supplying teleprompting equipment to Australian TV broadcasters and production companies since 1979. Back in 1979, we started with EDS – PortaPrompt and QTV paper driven units and then introduced the first software driven system from Compu-Prompt from the USA, AutoCue from the UK and now the latest in prompting software and flatscreen technology from AutoScript and Cuescript from the UK/US. MT&A Prompting specialises in keeping your production and business at the cutting edge of the presentation industry. Providing the latest flatscreen technology combined with professional personnel and exceptional services for TV commercials, corporate video, film, live-to-air programs, AGMs, conferences, presentations, large scale events, theatrical shows and music video.

Conference Systems

Commonly used when speaking from a lectern, these motorised systems allow for the speaker to deliver their speech smoothly without breaking eye-contact with the audience. The adjustable height feature then allows for an easy transition between those speaking, who often stand at different heights. When the presentation has finished, these stands then retract to their lowest height, fitting in unobtrusively into any set design or stage.

Murray Tregonning & Associates currently stocks both the Autoscript Rise & Fall stands, and the latest Portaprompt Stands that retract to a height of only 51cm! 


Studio and On-Camera Prompting

MT&A stock various sizes of hoods and monitors ideal for both in-studio and on location productions.

We stock gear that can be assembled on the camera tripod, pedestal, or on its own tripod in front of the camera. We also have a tiny 5.6" monitor to attach to a Noga arm. 

From our portable 10.4” Cuescript and 12” AutoScript foldaway packages ideal for smaller, on-location shoots where mobility is key, or our 15” to 19” hoods for larger scale studio productions, we have it all.


Wedge Monitoring System

Utilising wedges is ideal when your speaker would like to move around the stage more freely. The setup makes use of 2 x 15” flatscreen monitors to provide visual cues, words or stage directions to the speaker without obstructing sight-lines.

The speaker can then engage with their audience while moving, and still follow the script that is displayed at numerous points around the stage. These wedges are designed to discreetly fit in alongside other audio fold-back monitor wedges. Ideal for presentations, concerts and stage performances.

Setting up two LCD Monitors for Mazda Australia, providing the teleprompting for one of their video commercial shoots. 2016. Photo Courtesy of Will Gunn.

Setting up two LCD Monitors for Mazda Australia, providing the teleprompting for one of their video commercial shoots. 2016. Photo Courtesy of Will Gunn.

Additional Services

In addition to the above packages, extra services above and beyond standard hire rates are available at extra cost. Please call us for a
quote to suit your individual needs.

  • Script word-processing & script printouts
  • Additional colour digital Mini-Cue monitor
  • Additional lectern position (pair)
  • Additional flatscreen monitor and hood
  • Operator overtime
  • Travel beyond 20km radius of CBD
  • Delivery of equipment to and from venue
  • Parking
  • UPS battery supply available