match official communications

Match Official Communications is a radio talkback system that connects referees, umpires and off field officials to enable real-time feedback and communication during game-play.

Combining years of experience in wireless audio with the latest in technology, Murray Tregonning and Associates have provided these services to numerous sporting codes, across all grade levels from the professional leagues to the amateur.

Designed by Murray Tregonning, these systems have allowed for referees and umpires to have communication with one another on the field, including those off-field to provide a perspective previously unattainable.

There are three variants of our MOC systems, each designed to suit different applications, size and budgets. These systems are titled Matchcom, RefTalk, and DC Digi Ref Comms. Below you’ll find information on each three systems, and to find out more, please contact our Sydney office or email Murray Tregonning at


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  • High-end Professional Solution

  • Designed for TV Broadcast

  • Fully scalable

  • Extremely flexible routing capabilities

  • Ability to record any combination of communications

  • Easy integration with Video Review Official

  • Easy integration with offsite Bunker.

  • Rock solid performance, proven over 20 years of operation.


The MatchCom Referee Talkback System is our flagship system. Its development started back in 1995, and it was introduced to the Australian sports and TV broadcast industry landscape in 1996. Through the years, the original modular design has allowed for expandability, and the ability to keep up with the latest in audio and wireless technologies. The system has been put through all the paces over its 20 year history, and the system provides the stable reliability that is required for the demanding live-broadcast industry – there are no second takes.

It is a high end, professional communications system.  MatchCom’s function is to allow for all on-field match officials to have easy communication with each other and can be used in any sporting code. MatchCom is expandable, if required, to allow for any number of match officials and to allow a video referee / umpire, coaches and timekeepers to communicate with all on-field match officials. The system further facilitates this communication for the video referee, by allowing for direct communication between the television broadcaster and the video referee to help direct the video replays for video decisions, and now even to a match official remote bunker. 

MatchCom allows for referee / umpire assessors (and trainee referees) off the field to listen to all the match officials' verbal communications.  A further facility allows any of the on-field match official’s microphones to be fed to the television broadcaster as “clean feeds” if required. It is also possible for the complete mixed audio feed of all the match officials’ microphones to be recorded on a USB drive along with the television pictures for training, assessment and judiciary purposes.

MatchCom is a service that is provided by Murray Tregonning & Associates for the big leagues. After discussing the requirements of your sporting code, we arrive on site, setup and operate MatchCom, providing the umpires / referees the communications required.

Enquiries regarding MatchCom should be sent to



  • High Quality Referee Comms

  • Stand-alone system for lower grade sporting leagues

  • Easy to use and operate

  • Same high-end audio quality as MatchCom

  • Fully scalable, allowing for any number of match officials


In 2003, after combining all the knowledge and expertise that Murray Tregonning & Associates had learned throughout the development of MatchCom, we introduced RefTalk™ - a slimmed down, budget version of our flagship MatchCom system.  It’s designed for the lower grade sporting competitions that require the same high-quality audio communications that your officials need, but without the television broadcast requirements. 

Unlike our MatchCom service, which requires our staff to operate it at all games, RefTalk™ is a stand-alone system that we offer as a rental for a single game to a full season. Utilising the same vests and wireless technology found in MatchCom, RefTalk™ allows for the main official to have an open-microphone at all times, with all other officials in the system only functioning on a Push-To-Talk basis.

Its simple design allows for easy operation for the user, who after a short familiarization period will be able to put together and maintain the vests, and get the system operating.

RefTalk™ offers no facilities for a video referee (T.M.O), or integration of audio feeds to a TV Broadcaster, just rock solid communications for the officials on the field, with the ability for an assessor or referee coach to have “listen only” receivers. Like MatchCom, RefTalk™ is scalable, with any number of Push-To-Talk vests able to link in with the main referee.

The pricing of RefTalk™ varies depending on how many receivers are required for your needs. The system is totally flexible and can meet the specific needs on a game by game basis.

Enquiries for renting a RefTalk system should be sent to


DC Digi-ref comm


  • Fully digital, high-quality referee communications

  • Up to 5 users in full duplex

  • Supplied with comfortable vests

  • Easy to manage and operate

  • Open Mic, Push To Talk, and Voice Detection transmission modes

  • Ideal for lower-league sports events

  • Rechargable Batteries

  • Available for Purchase & Rental

  • Radio Licence Free

Rounding out our Match Official Communication systems is our latest offering – DC DigiRef Comms. DC DigiRef Comms is our new digital referee communication system, available for purchase and rental.

The system is a smaller communications solution that takes advantage of the full duplex, two-way beltpacks that are at its core. The DC DigiRef Comms is capable of a maximum of 5 users, with all 5 users able to communicate via always-open microphones or push to talk, or any combination of those two. A third, less common mode of operation is the voice operated transmission mode, which allows for the beltpacks to only open the microphone and transmit when the voice is detected above a certain threshold.

The beltpacks are powered with rechargeable batteries, and a 4 slot battery charger supplied with the kit boasts a charge time of 3.5 hours from totally flat to full. At full charge, the beltpacks will function for approximately 20 hours of normal use. 

The Referee/ Umpire Communication vests provided are the patented design that Murray Tregonning & Associates has perfected over the years. These vests have been worn by hundreds of match officials across numerous sporting codes. And these match officials have provided us with tens of thousands of hours of use, with all that experience providing us the feedback that has resulted in an extremely comfortable, light fit.

Along with the equipment purchased, there is a short hour long training session provided taking you through the steps of setting up the gear, the vests, and maintaining the system.

DC DigiRef Comms is radio licence free.

Enquiries regarding DC Digi Ref Comms should be sent to