FingerWorks Telestrators

The FingerWorks Telestrator is the analyst's best friend. Making detailed observations is one thing, but communicating them to an audience in a clear and concise fashion is another task of its own. So, why not share the workload and familiarise yourself with your newest colleague? 

Visit the official FingerWorks site here and see the available products below.

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FingerWorks Server

  • FingerWorks uses a 2 RU Server and works with all touch screens via KVM connectivity solutions or with our FingerWorks streaming technology.

  • FingerWorks supports single and multiple thin clients connected via IP for drawing meta-data and collaborative Telestration applications

  • Supports HD & 4K I/O via Bluefish444 and Black Magic interface cards.

  • The 2RU platform uses less valuable rack space with improved processing power

fingerWorks Client

  • Available in 22" and 18.5" sizes all connected on a single network path.

  • The server client system supports HD Broadcast and NDI streaming formats.

  • Multiple screens can operate in unison for collaboraive applications

portable telestrator

Available with either ReVu or FingerWorks 5 software, each providing:

  • Bluefish444 Epoch Neutron 1080p

  • Internal or External Keyer

  • Full SDI & NDI Support

  • Includes transport case

  • 1 Year Parts & Labour