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TV & Film Production Props

Over the last 28 years of operating a sound rental company, Murray Tregonning has been the butt of many a joke from his associates, work colleagues and employees. They claim he's a hoarder of many things including, of course, old sound equipment which he has collected throughout his 45 year career.

Prompted by many enquiries from Props Departments and Art Directors on Film & TV Production for authentic sound gear from various decades, MT&A Rentals will now have a new category “Film & TV Production Props”. 

So, for TV Producers and Art Departments of 1960’s onwards period TV and Film productions that require audio props especially for TV News, Production Crew, Radio and TV station scenes, MT&A have a great collection of various audio gear from the 1960’s onwards.

The majority of the gear still operates so it could be used as a practical prop.

The gear includes:

  • Nagra portable reel to reel tape recorders
  • Revox , studio reel to reel tape recorders
  • Portable and Studio DAT recorders
  • Cartridge Machines
  • Digicart, Instant Reply
  • Mini Disc
  • CD, & Cassette machines
  • Portable mixers, over the shoulder and desk top
  • Studio condenser microphones
  • Clip-on microphones
  • Lectern microphones
  • Underwater microphones
  • Parabolic reflectors
  • Shotgun microphones
  • Stereo microphones
  • Cabled hand microphones
  • Miniature instrument microphones
  • Lip Ribbon microphones
  • TV Sports Commentators microphones and headsets
  • Headphones, Earpieces
  • Radio Microphones: Sony, Sennheiser, Shure & Lectrosonics
  • Studio Microphone Booms & Fishpoles
  • Autocue – Prompting gear
  • Time Code Slates
  • Various 4:3 Analogue Video Monitors