Sennheiser SK5212


Sennheiser SK5212


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The SK 5212 Mikroport is the distillation of the latest technology arising from Sennheiser’s experience in RF transmission. It combines a maximum in reliability and versatility in a very small housing. The small size makes the SK 5212 comfortable to wear and hide. 

The transmission power can be adjusted in two steps to reach the optimum transmission performance while meeting regional regulations. An enormous range of input sensitivity from –30 dB to + 40 dB makes the transmitter most flexible to be used in quiet interview situations as well as with very powerful singers in musicals.


The bodypack transmitter convinces with very robust mechanics, a high frequency agility and an intuitive menu driven operation with a backlit LC- display. The SK 5212 reaches an operating time of 5 ½ hours with only one AA Alkaline battery.

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  • Dimensions: 53 x 60 x 17 mm 

  • Connectors: AF - 3 pin special audio socket, RF - coaxial socket 

  • Frequency response (Microphone): 60 - 20000 Hz 
  • Compander: HiDyn plus 
  • THD: < 0,3 % 
  • Weight: approx. 120g incl. battery and Antenna 
  • Storage temperature: -25 °C à +70 °C 
  • Operating temperature: -10 °C à +55 °C 
  • RF output power: typ. 50 mW (PWR.HI), 10 mW (PWR.LO), 10 mW (PWR.LoI) 
  • Number of channels: Frequency bank "FIX" with up to 59 factory-preset frequencies, Frequency bank "VAR" with 20 freely selectable frequencies (frequencies tunable in steps of 5 kHz) 
  • Switching bandwidth: Up to 184 MHz 
  • Peak deviation: +/- 56 kHz 
  • Nominal deviation: +/- 40 kHz 
  • Operating time: PWR.LO: approx. 11h, PWR.HI: approx. 5,5h, PWR.LoI: approx. 5,5 h 
  • Power supply: 1 AA battery 
  • Current consumption: PWR.LO: approx. 150 mA, PWR.HI: approx. 220mA, PWR.LoI: approx. 220 mA 
  • Input voltage range: 7,75 mV, sensitivity 
  • Dynamic range: typ. 110 dB (A)eff 
  • High pass filter: flat, 120 Hz switchable