LaON LT750 Expert system


LaON LT750 Expert system


LaON’s digital wireless intercom system offers impressive audio quality by using worldwide license free 5GHz UNII band, as well as frequency interference avoidance technologies. It guarantees system stability even in large congested site environments where various AV and wireless equipment co-exist. The LT750 also offers expanded coverage with IP based repeaters (RBS25) which can be placed in different rooms, and connected via Cat 5/5e cable to extend coverage where other wireless systems cannot. The LT750 is a professional system that offers advanced and unique features for use at large venues, stadiums, stations, OB trucks and more.

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  • 11 full duplex channels with 5 group channels
  • Up to 128 Belt Pack connections
  • 5GHz QPSK Digital Transmission
  • Belt Pack Master mode
  • 10 RBS25 repeater connections
  • 4-Wire and Auxiliary In/Out interfaces