Lectrosonics Venue Modular System


Lectrosonics Venue Modular System


The Venue Series Receiver Systems are of a modular UHF design that operates with Digital Hybrid Wireless™ transmitters, and a variety of analog transmitters. Each unit consists of a master host assembly and up to six plug-in receiver modules. The system includes an antenna multi-coupler, computer communications interface and the mechanical rack mounting for the receiver modules. The design offers a tremendous degree of flexibility. 


For example, each of the three pairs of receiver modules can be combined and used for ratio diversity or frequency diversity reception. Each individual receiver module can be used by itself for phase switched diversity reception.

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  • Digital latency: 1.5 ms (receiver only - hybrid mode), 3.0 ms (receiver and transmitter in hybrid mode), 3.0 mS (receiver only - analog compatibility mode), The 3.0 ms latency in analog compatibility mode time aligns the audio from analog and hybrid transmitters when they are used together in a Venue system.
  • Frequency selection: 256 frequencies in 100 kHz steps per 25.5 MHz frequency block
  • Channel Spacing: 100 kHz
  • Dual Block Range: Built in antenna mulitcoupler covers a two block range.
  • Pilot tone: 25 to 32 kHz; 5kHz deviation; unique pilot tone frequency for each selected carrier frequency (Hybrid mode)
  • Deviation: ± 75 kHz (max) (Hybrid mode)
  • Receiver Type: Triple conversion superheterodyne
  • Frequency Stability: ±0.001 %
  • Front End Bandwidth: VRS Module - 30 MHz @ -3 dB, VRT Module - 11 MHz @ -3 dB
  • Sensitivity (20 dB Sinad): 0.9 uV
  • AM Rejection: >60 dB, 2 uV to 1 Volt
  • Image and Spurious Rejection: 85 dB
  • Third Order Intercept: VRS:+0 dBm, VRT: +6 dBm
  • Diversity Methods: Switched, ratio and frequency Note: Some specifications apply only when the receiver is operating in the Digital Hybrid (400 Series) mode.
  • FM Detector: Digital pulse counting detector @ 300 kHz
  • Frequency Response: 32 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-1dB), overall system (400 Series mode)
  • THD: 0.2% (typical) (400 Series mode)
  • SNR at receiver output (dB) In Hybrid operating mode: SmartNR No limiting w/ Limiting OFF 103.5 108.5 NORMAL 107.0 111.5 FULL 108.5 113.0 (Note: the dual envelope “soft” limiter provides exceptionally good handling of transients using variable attack and release time constants. The gradual onset of limiting in the design begins below full modulation, which reduces the measured figure for SNR without limiting by 4.5 dB).
  • Input Dynamic Range: 125 dB (with full transmitter limiting)
  • Audio Output Level: -15 dBu to +8 dBu, in 1 dB increments
  • LCD: 122x32 graphical display
  • Power Requirements: 10 to 18 VDC; 17.2 W max. (1.72 A @ 10 VDC to 1.05 A @ 18 VDC)
  • Weight: VRM with 6 VRS modules: 4.28 lbs. (1946 g) VRM with 6 VRT modules: 4.45 lbs. (2018 g)
  • Dimensions: 19”W x 1.75”H x 7.75”D (panel to rear jacks) (48.26 cm x 4.45 cm x 19.67 cm)