Lectrosonics UCR411A


Lectrosonics UCR411A


The UCR411A receiver provides professional performance and a versatile feature set in a compact design for field and location production. All settings are made from the front panel with a powerful LCD interface, making the unit ideal for use in Quad Paks, on sound carts, in portable bags and in rack mount multi-couplers. To alleviate interference problems in an increasingly congested RF spectrum, an RF spectrum analyzer is built into the receiver. The receiver tunes across its 25.6 MHz tuning range and records RF activity with markers on the LCD screen. 

The UCR411A is compatible with all 400 Series Lectrosonics wireless transmitters (and some other transmitter types).

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  • RF Carrier Frequency Range: Block 26 (665.600 - 691.100 MHz)
  • Frequency Adjustment Range: 25.5 MHz in 100 kHz steps
  • Receiver Type: Triple conversion; superhet IF frequencies: 244 MHz, 10.7 MHz and 300 kHz
  • Frequency Stability: ±0.001 %
  • Front end bandwidth: ±5.5 MHz, @ -3 dB
  • Sensitivity: 20 dB Sinad: 0.9 uV (-108 dBm), A weighted, 60 dB Quieting: 1.12 uV (-105 dBm), A weighted
  • AM rejection: >60 dB, 2 uV to 1
  • Volt Modulation acceptance: 85 kHz
  • Image and spurious rejection: 85 dB
  • Third order intercept: +8 dBm
  • Diversity method: Phased antenna SmartDiversity 
  • FM Detector: Digital pulse counting detector operating at 300 kHz
  • Antenna inputs: Dual BNC female jacks; 50 Ohm impedance
  • Audio output: Rear panel XLR connector; can drive 600 Ohm, adjustable from -50 to +5 dBu in 1 dB steps (into nominal 10 k bal. load)
  • Audio Performance (overall system): (These audio performance specs apply only to 400 Series compatibility mode.)
  • Frequency Response: 32 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-1 dB) THD: 0.2% (typical)
  • SNR at receiver output (dB): The rear panel rotates for access to the battery compartment.
  • Specifications Note: The dual envelope “soft” limiter provides exceptionally good handling of transients using variable attack and release time constants. Once activated, the limiter compresses 30+ dB of transmitter input range into 4.5 dB of receiver output range, thus reducing the measured figure for SNR without limiting by 4.5 dB SmartNR No Limiting w/Limiting OFF 103.5 108.0 NORMAL 107.0 111.5 FULL 108.5 113.0
  • Input Dynamic Range: 125 dB (with full Tx limiting)
  • Overall Latency (time delay): 3ms 
  • Audio Test Tone: 1 KHz, -50 to +5 dBu, <1%THD
  • Front Panel Controls and Indicators: LCD display, Menu - up/down buttons, Power switch
  • Rear Panel Features: XLR audio output jack, External DC input, Battery compartment
  • External Power: Minumum 10 Volts to maximum 18 VDC 1.6 W; 170 mA at 12 VDC
  • Battery Life: 6 to 8 hrs. continuous, w/ two alkaline 9 V batteries; up to 20 hrs. continuous w/ two lithium 9 V batteries
  • Weight: 15.2 ozs. (with two alkaline 9V batteries)