Lectrosonics IFB T2

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Lectrosonics IFB T2


The Lectrosonics IFB T2 is a rugged, machined aluminum package with a removable, spring loaded belt clip. The input section provides a correct input tap for virtually any microphone or line level audio source. 5 Volts of bias voltage is available to power electret mics with either positive or negative bias. Level indicating LEDs are provided on the control panel to make level settings quick and accurate, without having to view the receiver. The battery compartment accepts any 9 Volt alkaline battery and makes a positive connection via self-adjusting contacts. The antenna is a detachable, locking 1/4 wavelength flexible bronze cable that connects to a 50 Ohm SMA port on the transmitter.

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  • RF Carrier Frequency Range: Block 24 (614.400 - 639.900 MHz)
  • Frequency selection: 256 frequencies in 100kHz steps
  • RF Power output: 100 mW (nominal)
  • Pilot tone: 29.997 kHz (± 2Hz); 4.5kHz deviation
  • Frequency stability: ± 0.002% Deviation: ± 20 kHz (max)
  • Spurious radiation: 90 dB below carrier
  • Equivalent input noise: –126 dBV
  • Input level: Nominal 2 mV to 300 mV, before limiting. 3V with limiting. 30V with limiting and attenuation
  • Input impedance: Taps provided for 500, 1k, 10k Ohm
  • Input compressor: Soft compressor, >30 dB range
  • Gain control range: 43 dB; semi-log rotary control
  • Modulation indicators: Dual LEDs indicate modulation level 12dB below limiting and at the onset of limiting.
  • Low frequency roll-off adjustment: –18dB/octave; 35Hz to 150Hz
  • Controls: 2 position “OFF-ON” slide switch for noiseless turn on/turn off operation. Front panel knob adjusts audio gain. Recessed control on side panel adjusts low frequency rolloff. Rotary switches on side panel adjust transmitter frequency.
  • Audio Input Jack: Switchcraft 5 pin locking (TA5F)
  • Antenna: Detachable, flexible wire supplied. 50 Ohm port allows connection to test equipment.
  • Battery: Precision compartment auto-adjusts to accept any known alkaline 9 Volt battery.
  • Battery Life: 4.5 hours (alkaline); 14 hours (lithium)