Lectrosonics IFB T1

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Lectrosonics IFB T1


The Lectrosonics T1 IFB Transmitter allows on-air talent to monitor program audio and receive cues from directors and other production personnel when used with a R1a receiver.

256 frequencies are user selectable in 100 kHz steps to alleviate interference problems in travelling venues. The input section is adjustable for virtually any microphone or line level audio source with level indicating LEDs on the control panel to monitor input level. The antenna is a detachable, locking 1/4 wavelength flexible bronze cable that connects to a 50 Ohm BNC connector on the transmitter.


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  • RF Carrier Frequency Range: Block 24 (614.400 - 639.900 MHz)
  • Frequencies (Channels per block): 256
  • Channel Spacing: 100 kHz (0.1 MHz)
  • Spurious & Harmonic Suppression: 1 uW at freq. above 1 GHz 4 nW at freq. below 1 GHz
  • Frequency Stability: ±.002% (20 ppm) @ 25° C
  • Temperature Stability: ±.005% (50 ppm) from -30° C to +50° C
  • Channel Selection: Momentary pushbutton switches, TUNE Up and Down
  • Pilot Tone: 29.997 kHz
  • Modulation: FM, ±20 kHz deviation
  • Audio Response: 100 Hz to 10 kHz, ±1 dB, -3dB (system response)
  • RF Power Output: 250 mw (nominal)
  • Output Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Audio Input Levels: +4 dBu, -6 dBu, and -40 dBu, dry inputs, +/-50Vdc max, rear panel selectable for Line, Mic, RTS 1, RTS 2, and Clear Comm
  • Audio Input Config: Balanced and Unbalanced, rear panel selectable for Line, Mic. RTS 1, RTS 2, and Clear Comm
  • Audio Input Impedance: Greater than 2 K balanced, greater than 1 K unbalanced at any gain setting
  • Gain Control Range: 43 dB, Semi-log Rotary control
  • Audio Input Jack: Standard XLR female connector
  • Input Power: 12 to 14 VDC typical, 250 ma. max.; Max. Input Range 11 to 18 VDC
  • Power Input Jack: Coax type, locking LZR RL26AE
  • Indicators: LED for -20 dB modulation LED for 0 dB modulation 4 Digit 7-segment LED displays for frequency and power on with adjustable brightness
  • Front panel controls: Audio Level rotary knob Power OFF-TUNE-XMIT, 3 position slide switch TUNE Up momentary pushbutton switch TUNE down momentary pushbutton switch
  • Rear panel controls: Mode Select, 4 section DIP switch