SPL Stereo Vitalizer


SPL Stereo Vitalizer


Through an ingenious combination of dynamic equalisation, amplitude controlled phase correction and harmonic filtering, the SPL Stereo Vitalizer realises the full potential of the entire audio spectrum. 

The Stereo Vitalizer is designed for ease of use with one set of controls handling both channels. Its true stereo operation makes it invaluable to users that require speed and simplicity.

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  • Equalizer frequency range: 15 Hz - 22 kHz
  • CMRR: -85dBu at 100 Hz -76dBu at 1 kHz -65dBu at 15 kHz
  • THD & N: 0,002% at 1 kHz 0,105% at 10kHz
  • Signal to noise: -78dBu
  • Input & output stages: XLR; instrumentation amplifier, electronically balanced (differential) transformerless nominal input level +6 dB Jack; unbalanced nominal input level 0 dB
  • Input impedance: (XLR, jack) = 20k Ω Output impedance (XLR) = 75 Ω Output impedance (jack) < 600 Ω Input level selector LOW (0dB) / HIGH (+8dB)
  • Peak: indicators illuminate 3dB before clipping