Aphex 720 Dominator


Aphex 720 Dominator


The Dominator II from Aphex Systems is a stereo multiband peak limiter designed to fit a wide range of applications. Through the use of multiband techniques along with proprietary circuits, the audibility of the limiting action has been greatly reduced, especially when compared to conventional limiters.

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  • Input Connector: 3-Pin XLR female 
  • Type: Transformerless, servo balanced with passive 4th order RF filter, Chassis grounded per AES standards
  • Impedance: 19.5 k Ω Unterminated, 600 Ω with rear-panel terminator engaged same (terminator lifts in bypass)
  • Nominal Level: from 0dBu to +8dBu 
  • Maximum Level: +26dBu 
  • CMRR (typical): > 50dB 20Hz to 10kHz 
  • RF Rejection: > 28dB at 800 kHz; > 60dB above 2 mHz
  • Output Connector: 3-Pin XLR male 
  • Type: Transformerless, servo balanced, chassis grounded per AES standards
  • Output Impedance: 65 Ω 
  • Nominal Level: from 0dBu to +8dBu
  • Maximum Level: +25dBu Peak
  • Frequency Response: +0.2dB 4.5Hz - 50kHz
  • Dynamic Range: > 108dB  
  • Hum & Noise (unweighted, 22 Hz - 22 kHz): < -82dBu
  • Crosstalk: < -60dB up to 10kHz  
  • THD (Ref.: 1kHz, no limiting): < 0.006% (+12dBu in)