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 Panamic Boom Poles

Panamic are recognized industry wide for their ergonomically designed Boom Poles

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If you would like more information, please contact us at or contact either Tony in Melbourne or Chris in Brisbane.

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Rubberised End Cap

Panamic Boom Pole handles all include a Rubberised End Cap which has been designed to ensure a comfortable grip and protect the pole against knocks and bangs.


Precision Locking Rings

The Panamic Locking Ring is best known for its reliability. Boom operators can work without the worry of sticking or binding. The design provides resistance from dirt ingress and prevents jamming.


Silent Operating Nylon Bushes

The Silent Operating Nylon Bushes used in all Panamic Boom Poles prevent wear on the other parts of the clutch mechanism and are all user replaceable.

Titanium Tip


The Titanium Tip is approximately 1/3rd of the weight of an equivalent Stainless Steel Tip. When using your Panamic Boom Pole, the reduced weight of the tip enables greater accuracy and reduces bend.