Lectrosonics VRM


Lectrosonics VRM


The Venue Receiver system is a modular design that operates with Digital Hybrid Wireless® transmitters, and a variety of analog transmitters. It consists of a Venue Receiver Master (VRM) and one to six plug-in receiver modules. The VRM includes an antenna multi-coupler, computer communications interface and the mechanical rack mounting for the receiver modules. The VR’s design offers a tremendous degree of flexibility including diversity reception schemes, compatibility modes, and tracking and non-tracking modules. The included software provides an excellent interface for setup and monitoring via USB or RS232 connections. The Venue receiver can be controlled with AMX© and CRESTRON® systems.

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  • Six-channel modular configuration in 1 RU
  • Digital Hybrid Wireless® for compandor-free audio
  • Three different diversity schemes
  • Compatibility modes for use with analog transmitters
  • USB and RS-232 computer interface and VRpanel software
  • VRS/E01 (Standard) and VRT (Tracking) receiver modules available