Lectrosonics R400a


Lectrosonics R400a


The R400a is a high performance, Digital Hybrid Wireless® diversity receiver compatible with all Lectrosonics 400 series transmitters, and a number of analog models. The R400a features a powerful menu-driven LCD graphic display as a convenient means of monitoring performance and altering settings. A built-in RF spectrum analyzer is included to conduct site surveys to find interference-free operating frequencies. Balanced XLR and unbalanced ¼” outputs can be controlled separately. The R400A is offered as a stand-alone unit, as a single-channel 1RU rack unit, or as a dual-channel 1RU rack unit.

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  • Digital Hybrid Wireless® for compandor-free audio
  • Compact design and metal construction
  • Compatibility modes for use with analog transmitters
  • SmartTune™ function for quick, accurate tuning
  • Separate XLR and 1/4” outputs with independent level control
  • Available as stand-alone, single or dual-rack versions