Lectrosonics LR Diversity Belt-pack


Lectrosonics LR Diversity Belt-pack


The ultra-compact LR takes the Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless® portable receiver concept to a new level. The wide tuning bandwidth of 75 MHz with tracking front-end filters gives plenty of flexibility while avoiding the vulnerabilities of wider pass bands. Compatibility modes allow the LR to operate with older analog transmitters. Dual antenna diversity improves range and resistance to dropouts. The RF spectrum analyzer and SmartTune capability make quick work of finding clean frequencies on site. A large, backlit LCD provides instant, clear information for setup and status monitoring while operational. Detachable antennas allow for remote antenna mounting.

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  • 75 MHz tuning range
  • Tracking front-end filters
  • Digital Hybrid Wireless® for compandor-free audio
  • Diversity reception
  • Compatibility modes for use with analog receivers
  • Ultra small size for camera mounting