U9101 Switch Card


U9101 Switch Card


The U9101 Switch Card is the main connection point between the U9100 Master Station and system endpoints (Headset Station and Wireless Gateway)

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  • Ethernet switch enables simple, secure connection to intercom, IP network and associated ancillaries through packet switching to receive, process and distribute system communications
  • Provides out-of-the-box connectivity with four (4) IP-68 sealed Ethernet sockets to accommodate up to four (4) Headset Stations or Wireless Gateways
  • Modular design and intuitive configuration allow simple system expandability and fast, easy repair/replacement to keep the system up and running
  • Features stainless steel installation hardware to ensure secure installation to the U9100 Master Station in a corrosion-resistant fashion, suitable for harsh marine environments
  • Shock/vibration-proof construction for critical communication needs in severe mobile applications
  • Superior dust and water ingress protection when mated for worry-free installations in demanding environments