The H9190 noise-attenuating Headset is compatible with both U9110 wired Headset Stations and U9110-BSW wireless Belt Stations

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  • M-2 advanced microphone with fine-tuned sound pressure level optimizes noise cancellation while
    increasing transmission clarity with focus on speech frequencies
  • Integrated microphone and positive-action momentary PTT switch is conveniently located at the
    microphone bracket; easy to find and utilize in stressful situations while providing simultaneous mic placement
    and voice transmission
  • Single ear dome with isolated earphone; opposite side open with fitted temple pad for hearing all ambient sound
  • Outstanding comfort designed for all-weather, all-day use with soft, air-flow head pad and undercut
    silicone/memory foam ear seal
  • Coil cord with Quick-Release connector permits rapid changeover between wired and wireless options for mission
    flexibility when seconds count
  • IP-68 connector assures connection integrity