The H9185 Headset/Helmet Kit is designed for use with Gecko™ Open-Face and Full-Face Marine Safety Helmets

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  • Crisp, clear communication in demanding environments
  • Marine-grade construction for corrosion resistance from salt and spray in harsh marine applications
  • Simple and quick installation in Gecko open-face or full-face type Marine Safety Helmets
  • M-2 advanced microphone with fine-tuned sound pressure level optimizes noise cancellation while increasing transmission clarity with focus on speech frequencies
  • Integrated microphone and positive-action momentary PTT switch is conveniently located at the microphone bracket; easy to find and utilize while providing simultaneous mic placement and voice transmission in stressful situations
  • Dual dynamic earphones hermetically encapsulated in custom Gecko ear modules
  • Dual volume controls, water-tight, provide left/right gain setting capability
  • Helmet not included; sales, service and information available from Gecko Head Gear Ltd. at www.geckoheadgear.com