DC 8632


DC 8632


The DC 8632 headset employs passive electronic design, a magnesium alloy headband/suspension system, memory foam ear pads and a noise cancelling micropone to offer a more compact and ergonomic solution, sure to benefit many working in the field of broadcast and events.

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  • Comes wired with 4 pin XLR female connector but enough conductors to cut off and replace connector with 5 pin XLR stereo
  • Passive electronic design for low-noise environments
  • M-2H noise-canceling microphone ensures superior transmit clarity
  • Leatherette head-pad and ear seals with slow-recovery ‘memory’ foam, coupled with an extremely lightweight and rest-on-ear headset design, affords countless hours of superior comfort
  • Magnesuim Alloy headband/suspension system and swivel hinge stirrups integrate a rugged, durable design with fully adjustable platform for personalized fit and comfort
  • Provides superior comfort and performance over long work hours