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HHB Portadat PDR 1000 TC
HHB Portadat PDR 1000 TC  

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HHB Portadat PDR 1000 TC:

HHB Portadat PDR 1000 TC was one of the
first professional DAT recorders, very light
and compact. It was released after the
Sony TCD-D10, but it offers several advantages over that one: confidence monitoring, Phantom power, a low-cut filter per input, active limiters for both line and
mike inputs and a monitor switch with
MS matrix.

Unfortunately, for size reasons, the record level knobs (lockable) are concentric, which
is inconvenient when used with no mixer upstream. Moreover, its full plastic shell makes it a bit fragile and lacks the
necessary rigidity for good operating in
every situation.


Yet, it has a real advantage: its great simplicity of use. The quite complete time code pad (video/word sync inputs and outputs) is fully separate from the audio
pad and has its own readout.

Besides, as every function has a clearly marked dedicated control, there is no need to enter into a menu to set up the device. The PDR 1000 TC provides SPDIF or AES/EBU inputs and outputs, each with
its own connector.

This recorder is a very good, light and compact machine, quite satisfactory
when integrated in a sound cart, alas
no longer manufactured.