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From the first of January 2015 the Australian Government has deemed frequencies between 694 MHz and 820 MHz will no longer be available for Radio Microphones or In Ear Monitor and IFB systems. This is due to the Digital Dividend coming into operation. From the first of January 2015, all our Radio Microphones and In Ear Monitor and IFB systems will now operate on frequencies (not used by TV stations), between 520 MHz and 694 MHz.

Therefore we have re-equipped our Rental Department with new Sennheiser EM3732-II wideband receivers, SK5212-II wideband beltpack transmitters, SKM5200-II wideband handheld transmitters, and SKP3000-U plug-on XLR transmitters, in L Band (470 – 638MHz) and N Band (614 – 798MHz).

We are also now renting Lectrosonics Radio Microphones and IFB systems in Block 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26.

New Products:
Murray Tregonning now has a greater depth of
Shure 'R' Series
Radio Microphone systems. We have
now purchased more systems including UR2 handheld transmitters and UR1 pocket transmitters. Shure Beta 87,
Beta 58 and KSM9 microphone capsules for the handhelds.


We are now renting the new Sennheiser SK 5212-II bodypack transmitter and the EM 3732-II Diversity receiver.

The SK 5212-II combines reliability and diversity
in a
very small housing. Its compact design makes the
transmitter inconspicuous and comfortable to wear. The Low Intermodulation Mode ("LoI") increases interference immunity.


The EM 3732-II is a true diversity receiver
by high transmission reliability, exceptional audio quality and simple operation. The integrated Ethernet connection means that the receivers can be linked into any network.

Product of the Month:
The HME DX210 Dual-Channel Wireless Intercom System.

The HME DX210 is a 2-channel Digital Wireless Intercom System that supports up to 15 COMMUNICATOR®s per base station, either Belt Packs or All-In-One Headsets, or a combination of the two.

Using the HME DX210 in the 2-channel mode, any 3 of
the 15 Communicators can transmit at the same time. In the single-channel mode, any 4 Communicators can transmit at the same time. This number can be increased by adding up
to 3 additional base stations.


HME DX210 Dual-Channel Wireless Intercom System
Latest Prompting News:
MTA PROMPTING now has the Autoscript 15" LED On Camera Units - the latest addition to the Autoscript teleprompter range.

Autoscript have redesigned the body and included a
built-in 'tally Light'. It can be powered from AC or 12v DC.
Video input is via BNC with loop thru or VGA input direct from
a computer. It is supplied with a flatpack wide angle hood.
The 15" LED can also be used as a conference prompter
or full colour display monitor.

Features include Picture-in-Picture facility with VGA
and are available with optional video feedback monitor.

On this site you will find a huge range of audio equipment for hire, from an individual radio microphone to a complex, fully integrated broadcast or communications package. MT&A offer an unparalled, totally experienced, totally professional service.

MT&A is also proud to announce the opening of our new Prompting Services in Brisbane! Click Here to visit the MT&A Prompting Site.
Autoscript 15" LED On Camera Units

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